INTSHOLO - Amampondo/Solid Brass

INTSHOLO - Amampondo/Solid Brass
Learders of the two sections
William and Dizu
Toulouse gig
On the dunes
C7 with Amampondo guys
Original line-up


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Line up

  • 1 (Tuba)
  • 2 (Trumpet)
  • 3  (French Horn)
  • 4 (Trumpet and Piccolo Trumpet)
  • Dizu Plaatjies (Marimbas, drums and percussion)
  • Kim Masala (Marimbas, drums and percussion)
  • Manrose Masimini (Marimbas, drums and percussion)
  • Nceba Gongxeka (Marimbas, drums and percussion)
  • Nicolas Gongxeka (Marimbas, drums and percussion)
  • William Haubrich (Trombone and Flugelhorn)


South Africa's legendary traditional band Amampondo lent 5 members (marimbas and percussion) and the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra lent 5 brass players (2 x trumpet, french horn, tuba, trombone) to make a joyous celebration of African music with a classic touch. The ensemble recorded an wonderful CD together. It features clever and creative musical arrangements by William Haubrich.
The project appeared at the Rio Loco Festival in Toulouse in Summer. This time using French brass players but under the leadership of Haubrich and Dizu Plaatjies
Mountain Records are looking for further "cultural meeting" performances with European or non-African brass performers.