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One of the most important things when doing music is to choose the right tune. Some songs are better than others. The ones that aren’t good, aren’t on their repertoire!

Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator and he has been mostly known for his live, striking and unforgettable live performances. Yes, walkmans are his musical instruments, and he does a live mix of selected material from his cassette collection on top of the original rhythmic loops.

As music experts say, the thing Lenhart Tapes does is a sophisticated and wild world-noise-ethno-industrial-folk zombie musical genre. He has been a passionate collector of audio cassettes for a very long time. Field recordings, rare folk music, spoken word and sound propaganda material, various musical genre albums – you name it, he probably has it. Before he ventured into solo project, he was playing music in underground bands in Serbia. And then, in October 2010, Lenhart Tapes was born. Soon after, he started recording and using samples of Tijana Stanković’s voice and their collaboration commenced.

Tijana Stanković grew up with traditional songs from the Balkans. She developed taste in harsh, abstract improvisation which shaped her present repertoire. Her key tools – violin and vocal / traditional and contemporary music – are equally incorporated in every band, orchestra or free formation she is involved with.

Folk tunes, groovie rhythms and screetchy noises became their liaison. Once again, they will venture together into soundscapes of obscure ideas and sounds.


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  • WOMEX 2022


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