Liniker e os Caramelows

Liniker e os Caramelows


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Line up

  • Eder Araújo  (saxophone and flute)
  • Fernando TRZ  (keyboards)
  • Liniker Barros  (vocals)
  • Marja Nehme  (percussion)
  • Pericles Zuanon (drums)
  • Rafael Barone  (bass)
  • Renata Éssis  (backing vocals)
  • William Zaharanszki  (guitar)


A powerfully expressive voice assuredly flowing through songs dripping with soul, funk and Afro-Brazilian elements, personified through an enigmatic androgynous look and driven by the tightest band from either side of the Amazon; Liniker Barros is the first openly transgender star of Brazilian music, justly making international waves at the tender age of twenty-three. She has said that being black, poor and queer is empowering, that being a trans black woman onstage is a political act, "because we need representation. Society tries to delegitimise our existence, so it's extremely important to resist and exist." Shaking up gender norms while embracing her African ancestry in her style, Barros became a viral sensation after releasing live versions of the band's songs on YouTube, with the signature song, Zero, racking up more than twenty million views to date.


Liniker e os Caramelows