Pau Figueres
Pau Figueres and Arnau Figueres @anapalma
Pau Figueres ©Aymée Hamon
Pau Figueres ©Ana Palma


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Excerpt from the track "Mabiche" live at an old wine cellar in Spain.
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Catalonia
  • style(s):Experimental, Flamenco
  • label:Satelite K
  • type:Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, percussion, guitar
  • artist posted by:Let The Music Flow SL

Line up

  • Arnau Figueres (Cajon, Percussion)
  • Darío Barroso (Guitar)
  • Ismael Alcina (Electric bass)
  • Pau Figueres (Guitar, Synthesizer)


Blending Flamenco guitar with the music of our century, Pau is one of today’s most talented and interesting Spanish guitarists. Worthy successor of this beautiful instrument’s best tradition, he pushes its limits to new grounds with his original compositions, his unique and deep understanding of music and an overwhelming technical ability.

The concert offered by Pau Figueres is based on the repertoire of original music written by Pau in the last years and published in his two albums as a leader, also including some pieces of recent creation that are going to be part of "Latido" (Satélite-K, 2023) the new album coming up this year, already in the making.

Phenomenal guitarist born in Barcelona in 1989, his mastery of all musical languages and a proverbial good taste turn his guitar into a fascinating instrument that expresses itself with the ease of a living being. His music, with the flamenco guitar as the undisputed protagonist, goes beyond this genre thanks to an ingenious concept of form and harmony, rhythm and compás, the result of a brilliant mixture of the art of the sonanta with the music of our century. Moving forward even further, Pau investigates beyond the guitar itself by incorporating to the natural touch of nail and flesh a very creative use of synthesizers and effects, through which he carefully runs his guitar, providing the music with rich textures and sounds typical of current times, but also rooted in the jazz tradition of recent decades.

The Pau Figueres Trio: Ismael Alcina’s refined electric fretless bass and Arnau Figueres’ hands of silk provide foundation and nourishment to a unique musical project, one of extremely high artistic quality: the Flamenco, Jazz and Classical universes merge one within the other, disappearing into one another... opening up a space-time of unforeseen possibilities, a sonic landscape that is unique to this particular and true artist.

His debut album “Pau Figueres” (Whatabout Music), published in 2015, was highly praised by critics and listeners alike, winning the Enderrock Prize for Best Folk Album of 2016. In 2018 he publishes “Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol” (Satélite K), premiered live at Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, an album which consolidates him as a composer and where he shines as an excellent instrumentalist. He has performed widely throughout Spain and internationally both as a soloist and with the Pau Figueres Group: Festival Eurofonik in France, NIB Art Dresden and Internationale Gitarrenfestival am Maindreieck in Germany, the Budapest Music Center (Hungary), Global Live Med in Athens (Greece), Centro de Artes de Águeda in Portugal, the Reformierte Kirche in Kilchberg (Switzerland) or the City Winery in Boston (United States).