Lev Group Media/Globalev/Yemen Blues

Lev Group Media and Globalev are of Israel's leading boutique music agencies. We are bringing to Womex this year the amazing and unique experience of

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LGM: Founded in 2006 Lev Group Media (LGM) is a digital & physical music distribution company and record label that places artists and record companies in the forefront of its business.
LGM really knows music – sales, distribution, marketing, promotion, production and management.
Our experience has shown that achieving success in a highly competitive market is a full-time, hands-on job. Because of this, LGM works with artists and labels we believe in and we focus intently on introducing and maintaining their music in all possible outlets.
At LGM we believe that our love and knowledge of music and the artists we work with, our in-depth understanding of the local market, our strong contacts in the digital & physical retail area, as well as our fanatical attention to detail is what makes us different.
Globalev: We commenced our journey in 1997 in the green Galilee mountains surrounded by nature, intimate with the earth, inspired to conjure up the music that was playing within us and share it with the world.
Ten years later we have moved to the big city of Tel Aviv to bring our message, our unique flavors and colors to the mix of that sizzling melting pot. Globalev operates as a warm family, loving and true to its values. It represents several artists and has a professional production team catering for various events. LEV-means heart, GLOBAL-our music is a mixture of cultures, traditions and styles and is played with authentic instruments as well as modern and electronic.



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