Manuela Salinaro

Manuela Salinaro


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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Instrumental, World
  • label:Liburia Records
  • type:Small Ensemble, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, guitar
  • artist posted by:Liburia Records

Line up

  • Irene Lungo (voice)
  • Manuela Salinaro  ( Zarb, Daf, Darbouka, Tar, Qraqeb, Udu, loop)
  • Valerio Daniele (guitar, synth)


From 2001 to today, I immerse myself in Middle Eastern sounds and a little bit of the whole basin that runs along the Mediterranean Sea.

"The entire flow of our existence is marked by time. The moment of time is the deepest dimension of music. Each person, through their dances, expresses itself, frees itself and gets excited through its own rhythm. The "Main hands" journey is born from its union with electronics, to lead us into a dimension without patterns, which clears our minds of compositional and interpretative rigidity. A body that abandons itself to the subjective suggestion of sound.
The rhythm intended as dance frees us, refreshes us, illuminates us..."

In 2013 she founded the band Kërkim, a project that reinterprets the entire musical tradition starting from the Balkans and crossing Turkey, Algeria, Syria. In 2020 he starts working on his first solo project, “Main hands”. The work, performed in multitrack, offers an experience of listening and transport between ancient rhythms and harmonies that immerse themselves in an electronic dimension, merging with it with respect and at the same time sound innovation, leading the entire work in a dimension of liberating trance. for the listener. The album collects a refined interplay between rhythmic and harmonic carpets, loops by Zarb, Daf, Darbouka, Tar, Qraqeb, Udu and soundscape. The melodic suggestions interact with instrumental interventions by artists such as the Albanian cellist Redi Hasa, guest in the piece "Mashrabiya", méntore and fraternal travel companion who embellishes the piece through sinuous movements of bow, strings and air, in a game of glances and impromptu understandings. Mashrabiya, from which the air passes and refreshes, evokes a delicate dialogue interval between bow and percussion, in this case the zarb, a classical instrument of the Iranian tradition played by women. Valerio Daniele, who in addition to having taken care of the shooting, mixing and mastering on the disc, is present in the song "Limping Wind", a moment of pure relaxation offered by an intertwining of strings and electronic harmonizations on odd tempos. Morris Pellizzari, voice and guitar of Kërkim, could not miss on the record, who mixed environments and sounds from Africa and the Middle East with Saz, Kora and Saz electric, in the songs "Acqua" e "Rohi". Both songs represent a semi-dreamlike journey suspended between the Maghreb and deeper Africa. Acqua, the single on the album, is inspired by the dances of sub-Saharan Africa, rich in symbolic references through which the major events of daily life are shared. The song aims to lead the listening into a liberating experience like water that flows around us. The saxophonist Giovanni Chirico intervenes with soprano sax on a rhythmic carpet inspired by Middle Eastern dances in the song "Za'atar", where darbuka and bendir lead a dance among the spicy flavors of the desert. Irene Lungo, with her sinuous voice, writes and interprets the text in the song "Avott '", a trance that moves between drums, historical repertoire voices of the Neapolitan tradition (Matteo D' Onofrio) and fields of electronics curated by the multi-instrumentalist from Caserta Francesco Di Cristofaro. The text offers a reflection on the "Land of fires", it does so in a traditional way, following the typical style of the traditional dance from Campania, the "tammurriata".
To open and close the album, two solo moments for the percussionist. "South", created by recording loop sequences of daf, udu, zarb and finger cymbals, accompanied by fields recordings by Francesco Di Cristofaro. The song announces the arrival in the South, near an Arab market, between voices and the street, warming the sound environment with the suggestions and rhythms of those places that inspire the entire work. To close, "Main Hands", the song that gave the album its title, plunges into a contemplative journey of pure sound, freeing himself from compositional schemes and at the same time inviting the listener to melt the body and follow the dance in a fusion between game and reality.