La Squadra di Genova

La Squadra di Genova
La Squadra di Genova
  • country:Italy
  • region:Northern Italy
  • style(s):A Cappella, Choral
  • label:Buda Musique
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:a cappella
  • artist posted by:Lineatrad

Line up

  • Alessandro Campora  (Baritone singing)
  • Angelo Asborno  (low voice)
  • Claudio Valente  (Alto singing)
  • Ettore Molini  (guitar voice)
  • Giampiero Merlo  (low voice)
  • Matteo Merli  (Singing tenor)
  • Mirko Bonazza  (low voice)

The Trallalero is a fun song with several male voices that is performed without the accompaniment of instruments of rural origin.
Over time it became the patrimony of men-workers of the port and of the metallurgical industries of Genoa.
The Squadra is one of the most navigated groups of Ligurian folk song. He has participated in the most important European music festivals in the sector (Milan, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Brussels etc. for over 400 concerts) and has made live radio broadcasts on Radio France, Radio Popolare, RAI in Turin. , at the Auditorium of Rome and at the Quirinale in a concert recorded and produced on CD by RAI. The 5th CD, In sciƓ ton was released in July 2015.