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Brazilian Pianist creates the first original album app of classical music.

Pianist Antonio Vaz Lemes is the soloist of SONATA BRASILEIRA (Brazilian Sonata), the first album-app of classical music ever released. In addition, it’s about the first tribute album to Brazilian piano sonatas. It is an independent project, recorded in Paris (Little Tribecca), which aims at deepening the experience of listening to and enjoying music by classical music aficionados.

SONATA BRASILEIRA album app goes far beyond audio files…Composers’ and pianists' audio testimonies, musical scores, reviews, video clips, electronic press kit, not to mention the exclusive photo shoots, by Marjorie Sonnenschein, can be all found in the App, offering a deep immersion on the universe of sonata form and Brazilian concert music.

The production of the App counts on a hybrid team: Designer (Panais Bouki), architect (Nivaldo Godoy Junior), programmer (Richard Kazuo), narrator (Gilberto Tinetti), journalist (Leonardo Martinelli), not mentioning all the French recording team (sound engeneering, tuning and direction) from Little Tribecca. The album also has two commissioned works - André Mehmari’s SONATA em Lá de André Mehmari, and Marcelo Amazona’s Sonatina.

The première took place on the most prestigious radio show about piano in Brazil, Pianíssimo, next March’s 20th

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SONATA BRASILEIRA - Electronic Press Kit

SONATA BRASILEIRA - official page

article posted by:Victor Resende, Litoral Produções Artísticas