"Rust" - Kaja

Album cover of "RUST"
  • artist:Kaja
  • region:Nordic
  • release year:2010
  • style(s):East European, Contemporary
  • country:Sweden
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:Livet Nord Kulturproduktion
  • label:Kakafon Records
  • publisher:Kakafon Records
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Rust is Kajas Second Album filled with new composed music inspired by Klezmer, Tango, Swedish Folk Music, Contemporary Music and Jazz.

Kakafon Records was established in Gothenburg, Sweden, in June 2010. Reflecting innovation as well as traditions the label releases words and sounds deriving from folk music. Sounds that have taken winding roads all around the world. Born, raised, visiting or at least settled down in the Swedish soil. Instrumental music, songs and poetry. Original, traditional, experimental.