New Tango Orquesta, photo by Per nadén
Krackel Kapell
Tetra, photo by Peter Lloyd
Crane Dance Trio
Den Fule
Andra Generationen
Kaja, photo by Peter Lloyd
LecheBurre, photo Jonas Larsson


Performed by Kaja, composed by Camilla Åström
  • 2 Hoting
  • 3 Gol Bahar
  • 4 The Red Circle
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  • country:Sweden
  • style(s):Scandinavian, World
  • label:Hoob, Kakafon, Footprint, Warner Music, Nordic Tradition, Swing Kids
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Livet Nord Kulturproduktion

Line up

  • Andra Generationen (Macedonian Folk Music, Party music)
  • Crane Dance Trio (Swedish Folk)
  • Den Fule (Swedish Folk, Haitian grooves)
  • Groupa (Swedish Folk)
  • Kaja (East European, Swedish Folk, Classic, Jazz)
  • Krackel Kapell (Swedish Folk, Classic chamber music)
  • LecheBurre  (Latinflow)
  • New Tango Orquesta (New Tango, baroque, minimalism, jazz, improvisatio)
  • Rafven (Klezmer, Swedish Folk, Rock)
  • Tetra (Nordic, Greek, Haitian, Arabic, Folk Music, Voice)


The musical span, which NEW SWEDEN represents, mirrors a Sweden seething of musical junctions. Unique fusions of Folk Music genres, of tradition and innovation, of rural and urban culture, all give a new meaning to the concept of Living Tradition.

The bands of the NEW SWEDEN delegation all originates from the west of Sweden, in and around the seaport of Gothenburg, a city with a long history as a meeting point and cultural hub where music styles blend and new arise.

NEW SWEDEN proudly presents ten of Sweden's most prominent and acknowledged groups within Folk & World Music. Their music has its origin in Nordic, Eastern European, Caribbean, Macedonian, Greek, Arabic and Latin American folk music. Please enjoy


N E W * T A N G O * O R Q U E S T A

"Group of the Year" (Swedish Folk & World Music Gala)
"Experimental album of the year: Vesper" (Manifest Prize)

Since the beginning in 1996, New Tango Orquesta have, on five albums and a countless number of international tours up to now, with the composer Per Stoerby as a leader, explored and developed the concept of "nuevo tango". With their unique mix of classic baroque music, tango, free improvisation and minimalism, they have gained territory all over the world with their special sound. Their focused performances are a complete acoustic, dynamic, and musically masterpiece one should never miss. In 2012 NTO will release their sixth album on HOOB records and their very first DVD, a full length music documentary.

Contact & Booking:
Nathalie Boedtker-Lund +46 (0) 735 345 484
Skype: Nathalie Boedtker-Lund

Livet Nord +46 (0) 704 414 001
Skype: +46 31 360 90 06/Livet Nord



"Melodies steaming of the Balkans, Tango feeling, musette waltzes, and gypsy violin traditions from the
East. And they are played with that incredible mixture of total passion and stringent abstemiousness and control; a style otherwise only mastered by eastern Europeans, Argentinians and Flamenco Spaniards ... Kaja use blue notes of a kind B B King has never found" (Sydsvenska Dagbladet)

"Kaja have arranged their music in a most ingenious way." (Lira World Music Magazine)

Since 2005 Kaja have developed a unique style of music reflecting both innovation and tradition. Klezmer is the foundation, adding layers of Swedish folk music, film and contemporary music, Classic chamber music and improvisation. The experimental parts make the genre Kaja's very own and with their intimate interplay they
create dazzling live performances. Kaja have been chosen as one of the bands highlighted on Export Music Swedens' official Promo-CD, specially produced for Womex 2011.

Contact & Booking:
Livet Nord +46 (0) 704 414 001
Skype: +46 31 360 90 06/Livet Nord

Camilla Astroem +46 (0) 707 414 219



"The very best listening of all, although it doesn't happen very often, is when your chin drops and you absorb the sound through your mouth as well as your ears. That's what happens, spontaneously, when the TETRA vocal ensemble enters the stage, sort of sauntering into song and allowing it to form as they go along." (Bohuslaenningen)

Tetra are a Swedish vocal quartet performing in a variety of genres and rooted in different origins. Four female vocalists from Gothenburg, Sweden with a common desire to share songs with each other established Tetra in 2006. The members of Tetra are all experienced in performing songs from a wide range of folk music traditions. In the music of Tetra, you will encounter the ornamental vocal styles of Arabic and Greek music, Caribbean pulses, and Scandinavian groove. They perform their own arrangements, based on rhythmic vocal accompaniment, diversity of vocal range, and percussion.

Contact & Booking
Ingrid Braennstroem +46 (0) 705-70 64 78
Sanna Kaellman +46 (0) 705-98 92 03
Anna Ottertun +46 (0) 735-96 90 67
Maria Stellas +46 (0) 737-51 92 35



In Sweden Raefven is known as the country's wildest and maybe best live acts. During the last years they have gained crowds from overseas with their furious and untamed mix of music; gypsy punk, klezmania and Balkan beats. On stage the eight man strong orchestra turns into one single organism that always challenges the listener and always moves forward.

In 2011 they are releasing their forth album "svensk kultur", which embraces folk music and highlights the dangers of nationalistic thinking.

ontact & Booking:
Jonas Lundberg +46 (0) 736 371 294


C R A N E * D A N C E * T R I O

Mats Eden's and Jonas Simonson's intricate teamwork has continued to develop over the years. Receptive, creative guitarist Mattias Perez is the perfect complement, making the trio inventive and

"As elegant and magical as the mating dance of the cranes the dance of the music enchants the listener. This is true listening pleasure for the fastidious folk music lover. The musicians have incredibly close interplay and are thoroughly musical."
(Alexandra Ullsten, in the magazine Lira reviewing the CD Crane Dance)

Contact & Booking:
From Sweden Productions Sofie Haag, Managing Director + 44 (0) 79 7210 4125
UK, Spain and elsewhere (exept Scandinavia)

Aesping Music Jessica Jungegard + 46 (0) 730 263 969
Scandinavia and elsewhere (exept UK & Spain)


K R A C K E L * K A P E L L

Krackel Kapell seeks out the magical melancholy in Swedish folk music as well as the ethereal elements of light and hope. They play their own playful arrangements of traditional tunes, as well as compose music inspired by their own deep roots in the folk music tradition of Dalecarlia.
Krackel Kapell consists of Johanna Dahl: cello and vocals, Maria Hultgren: fiddle and Mikael Sjoegren: fiddle and viola. All members live in Stockholm but originate from the province of Dalecarlia.

Contact & Booking:
Maria Hultgren +46 (0) 705 734 279



"Donkey-milk to the people" is LecheBurre's message when they loudly enter the stage.

Their music is a healthy kick of energy making the boundaries between people and cultures magically disappear. It's impossible to stand still listening to the sub cultural expression from Gothenburg: the Latinflow, as they call their music.
LecheBurre (donkey-milk) is a well mixed milkshake of rhythms and styles, above all from Latin America but with a holistic perspective where theatre and poetry interacts.

Contact & Booking:
Jorge Alcaide, English & Spanish +46 (0) 739 292 805
Patricio Galvez, Swedish & Spanish +46 (0) 736 278 412


A N D R A * G E N E R A T I O N E N

This charismatic band really represents contemporary Balkan music in Scandinavia. All over Scandinavia on clubs, festivals and weddings people are sweating, dancing, crying, laughing and falling in love to Andra
Generationen's uquestionable groove, to their irresistible show.

Andra Generationen, which means "The Second Generation" was started by sons of Macedonian immigrants in a Gothenburg suburb in 1988. These musicians (four out of six) are sons of men and women who came to Sweden from Macedonia in the 1950's and 1960's to work in the Swedish industry. Their lyrics are down-to-earth and about everyday life. The traditional music of Macedonia forms the base of Andra Generationen, mixed with Serbian, Romani, Turkish and Scandinavian music. They have often performed live on Swedish national radio
and TV, and have released three CD's.

Contact & Booking
Mats Nilsson +46 (0) 706 533 064


D E N * F U L E

The Swedish ensemble Den Fule, "The Ugly One", has long had a name as one of the most exciting folk music groups in Scandinavia. Den Fule, like no other band, combines traditional Nordic folk music with influences from rock, jazz and world music creating a unique brew of irresistible power and joyful playing. Den Fule today is effervescent like never before, presenting possibly even a broader range from raw funkiness to a more lyrical style. Their new CD "Halling i koeket" was released in 2010. It was resoundingly acclaimed by an unanimous press corp.

Contact & Booking:
Aesping Music Jessica Jungegard + 46 (0) 730 263 969



GROUPA plays its own brand of Nordic music. Giving the music freer rein and new colours, Groupa excels in the joy of expanding to new musical dimensions. The original band was founded in 1980, and has along with other groups been a vanguard of the progressive folk music scene in Sweden since the 80's.
Ever since the start, Groupa has been a very popular live band. They have played at clubs, festivals and concert houses all over the world.

"Groupa has become identified with Swedish folk music and all the developments in its recent history. Groupa will challenge people's preconceptions of Swedish music... a band worth their weight in gold." (Rock'n reel)

Contact & Booking:
From Sweden Productions Sofie Haag, Managing Director + 44 (0) 79 7210 4125
UK, Spain and elsewhere (exept Scandinavia)

Aesping Music Jessica Jungegard + 46 (0) 730 263 969
Scandinavia and elsewhere (exept UK & Spain)


M C V / M U S I K C E N T R U M * V A S T

MCV is the agency of all artists in New Sweden. But all artists also have their own agent for booking and managements.

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