New Tide Orquesta (former New Tango Orquesta)
The Kiev Concert – New Tango Orquesta


Tangoficated Barock Fuge
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In a full crowded auditorium in the powerful concert hall October Palace in Kiev/Ukraine, New Tango Orquesta made one of their most intense and magic concerts during 2008. The performance was recorded by Victor Ovchinnikov, and was never really made for more than just a recording, but the thought of releasing "The Kiev Concert" as a proper album grew when it seemed to convey exactly that electricity which appeared under those cut-glass chandeliers.

"The Kiev Concert contains material from "Bestiario" and "Part II", but the live performances are different from the studio version both by temperament and intense, and also by arrangements, since their "increasing" with the fabulous cellist Johanna Dahl, who actually makes the record debut with New Tango Orquesta on this record.