New Tide Orquesta (former New Tango Orquesta)


Tango Nuevo
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Some wonderful and beautiful ice cold days in February 2009, New Tango Orquesta headed, together with a chef, to the small town Forsvik in the middle of Sweden. An old house from 1904, in the shape of a public house in miniature, was re-built to a temporary studio; the parquet floor was filled with carpets and sound-absorbing blankets was hanged up on the walls. The short walk on the creaking snow back and forth from there to the hostel at the factory in Forsvik, were the only movements the band did during this week. That's how Vesper was made, hidden from the world in a sort of bubble of concentration, occured there out in the woods.

The sound field has broaden and inspired Per Störby to make new musical ideas and compositorial experiments. Some of the tracks on the record shows a newly born fascination of minimalists such as Nyman an Glass, while other tracks develop the distinguished presence of the emotional directness which NTO are best known for.