"Berejú" - Agrupación Changó

Agrupación Changó


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Berejú, Agrupación Chango´s new record presents 15 years of musical research, a tribute to the guardians of an almost lost tradition, the connection of new generations of the South Pacific Coast of Colombia with their roots. ´Berejú´ takes you to the hidden corners of Nariño in the south pacific coast of Colombia to discover its history, its sounds and the magnetism of its ancestry.

The record was produced by Iván Benavides, known for his work with artists such as Carlos Vives, Chocquibtown, Sidestepper and Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto and its the first release under Llorona Records´s new label Discos Pacifico a project supported by Territorios de Oportunidad.

Born in San Andrés de Tumaco and directed by Wisman Tenorio, Agrupación Changó is a cult band for people that is close to the Pacific Coast marimba de chonta music scene and this record comes in a time in which the band is ready to burst.