Bejuco has the strength of the Pacific and jungle rhythms to root them in African Afrobeat. An unusual proposal, this ‘bambuco beat’, brings with it a new musical proposal.

If Fela Kuty had the chance to come to Tumaco and meet local musicians maybe a sound like this would have emerged a few years ago. But it is Bejuco, a group born in 2015, that has connected the dots and created the Bambuco Beat. Away from the influences of mainstream pop, that is taking the deep ancestral sound of the Colombian pacific to over exploited shallow musical waters, Bejuco knows they are guardians of a sound that resembles a way of living, a territory that has yet to be heard and wants to connect to social movements to an original powerful music.

Their latest achievement was the participation in the Estéreo Picnic Festival in 2022 as the first group from Tumaco to do so. They brought their identity, flag, nation and territory to the stages of the most important Colombian music festival. What was heard there was an incredible dialogue between marimba, drums, bass, guitar and synthesizers.

‘Batea’, Bejuco’s first record, is a powerful and fresh sound from the deepest corner of the ´Pearl of the Pacific’. Produced by the legendary producer Iván Benavides and the Colombian dub master Cerrero, Bejuco’s first record ‘Batea’ was recorded in the Audiovisión Studios in Bogotá, mixed in Llorona Records and mastered by Frank Merritt in Carvery Studios UK. If we could comment on this creation, we would say that Bejuco is the branch trapping and uplifting, its album, a raw spirit calling to let oneself go.


"Batea" - Bejuco