"El Guchi" - Boom Full Meke

Boom Full Meke
Boom Full Meke


The creators of Post-apocaliptic-neo-perreo, alquimists of the psicodelic new Picó electronic music of the caribbean, Boom Full Meke present its first EP named El Guchi. After keeping their productions only for live perfomances following the tradition of the classic Picós (colombian sound systems) Llorona Records and Paria Records team up to release the first EP of Monosoniko Chapetúo and Bclip a.k.a. Boom Full Meke.

This Ep, carefully aged in everlasting dances across Colombia, presents the freshest sound of Barranquilla and Santa Marta´s sound system experience. The bastard son of Picó Culture as they call themselves, Boom Full Meke is the tropical bass version of the music that was born by the art of remixing african music that arrived to Colombia using Casio SK5 keyboards , Yamaha DD drum machines by MCs with a unique style.

"We’re sponges in the way we look for influences– we’re practitioners of champeta culture, we have our own language and lingo, our own specific dance, our own music, a form of dressing, or walking, of interpreting the world. We invented a culture, not just related to the soundsystem aspect, but rather a particular way of living. Boom Full Meke" Remezcla