¡Que Viva la Música! Vinyl Record Party & Meeting

¡Que Viva la Música! Vinyl Record Party & Meeting
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QVLM! Medellín 2019
QVLM Barcelona 2019
QVLM stand Circulart 2018
QVLM! Circulart 2019 Medellín
QVLM! Madrid 2018
QVLM! Cali 2019
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QVLM! Barcelona 2018
  • country:Colombia
  • region:South America
  • style(s):Tropicalismo, World Fusion
  • label:not signed
  • type:DJ/Remixer
  • artist posted by:Loa Productora

Line up

  • ¡Que Viva la Música!

QVLM! is a vinyl record party and meeting created by Loa Productora in 2018, which calls music lovers around the world to celebrate good music in vinyl record format. We always set out to invite Dj´s selectors and collectors who feel connected to our vibes. Madrid, Cali, Montería, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Medellín, Bogotá, NY have joined this special moment in different venues, discos, cultural markets and conferences, streets and rooftops for more than 20 editions.

Vinyl record is a powerful analogue format that has created a significant space in the emotional and historical memory of audiences world wide and we want to keep honoring that fact.

QVLM! offers:
- Vinyl record parties.
- Programming of Dj´s selectors scenarios.
- Production of vinyl markets (records sales and merch).