Luca Argel releases the first lead single from his upcoming album


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Luso-Brazilian singer-songwriter, Luca Argel, releases today the first single from his sixth studio album. Recognized and acclaimed for his lyrics filled with symbolism and history, his albums are highly praised for the intelligence of the lyrics and the sweetness of his voice.

In his works, Luca Argel revives memories and recreates traditional Brazilian sounds, yet radically transformed and influenced by various styles. The space between the world of sounds and words is where Luca Argel resides.

After many years dedicated to exploring Afro-Brazilian sounds and deeply delving into the history of samba in Samba de Guerrilha (2021) and Sabina (2023), Luca Argel is preparing another album, this time in an intimate voice and piano format.

Lampedusa is the first lead single from Luca Argel’s upcoming album, Visita, scheduled for release this October. Always accompanied by the keys of Bahian pianist Pri Azevedo, in this new project, the Luso-Brazilian singer-songwriter revisits new versions of several songs from previous albums, as well as some partnerships that had never been recorded with his voice.

Immigration is one of the central issues in the world. Climate migrants, war refugees, the rise of xenophobic rhetoric. In Lampedusa, Luca Argel talks about the fear and uncertainty of those forced to leave their homeland and venture into the sea in search of hope and a new life.

The release of Lampedusa precedes another debut. Luca Argel will perform live in Germany, for the first time, on June 23 at Wohnzimmer, in Berlin.

article posted by:Paulo Sousa Martins, Locomotiva Azul