Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca


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  • country:Brazil
  • region:São Paulo
  • style(s):Downtempo, Global Beats
  • label:Merkaba Music
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, percussion, visual, harp
  • artist posted by:Lona Musik

Line up

  • Ana Colomar (flute, duduk, hulusi and sax.)
  • Daniel Puerto Rico (darbuka, berimbal, djembe, pandeiro, congas, cuíca)
  • Guilherme Nakata (drums, samplers and percussions)
  • Luciano Sallun (sitar, oud, jaw harp, theremin, hurdy-gurdy, saz, )
  • Ricardo Mingardi (didgeridoo, controller)
  • Ruy Rascassi (bass)
  • Suzi Arruda (Dance, performer, acrobatic)


Pedra Branca founded in 2001 by Luciano Sallun has singularly brought a very appropriate way of making music from the world in a contemporary and universal vision. With success in Brazil, Europe and the USA, he became a reference for many national and international projects and djs, as well as a reference for the brazilian public, contributing gradually to the opening of these strands in Brazil. Currently has support from Merkaba Music (CA / USA) in its releases.

Pedra Branca is a multicultural group and develops a creative conception of making music from the world together with brazilian and contemporary music. With 6 albums released internationally, they are releasing the sixth album called name Religare, the research brings instruments like sitar, oud, didgeridoo, berimbal, darbuka, djembe, etc.

Have already played in the main Brazilian festivals Psy-Trance. But also in several other Festivals and events of jazz, rock, worldmusic or chillout / downbeat.

He develops his creations through the union of world music, in dialogue with Brazilian and contemporary music. With researches in diverse cultures next to contemporary music. With that the fusion with the electronic music and jazz. This conception of unity between acoustic and electronic music, where creation is not restricted only to conventional instruments.

Research in ethnomusicology aims to provide support for the creative part to be explored with greater awareness. Not only produced through electronic production, or just acoustic production.

Through the fusion of electronic music, in various styles with trip hop, downbeat, psydub, and a instrumental live band synced. During the shows are incorporated multimedia expressions with visual projections, dances, performances and circus, creating a musical energy, a meeting of sounds and colors between East and West.