"tango" - Debayres

Debayres Tango Loshe Music 04


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Released simoultaneusly in Argentina, Mexico and Portugal...

Debayres is a group, a musical and audiovisual project, an entity.

Of the tango´s sensuality and its typical instrument –the bandoneon– in conjunction with one of the newest musical styles: the electronic music, is born a retro-futuristic alliance “Tango”.

“Tango” is the first album of this group. Including 12 tracks with lyrics in Spanish, French, English and Japanese it will be released on July 2004.

Debayres-tango is more than an album, is a concept lives himself in a show alive, with a big screen and images, with dancers, with musicians, with soul…

Debayres-tango will give a lot to talk about, a lot to listen to, a lot to dance with, and a lot to feel…

From Argentina to the world…..