Lu Colombo

Lu Colombo, singer of “Maracaibo,” that resounding hit that hasn’t stopped playing since 1981, launches her new EP “Danza” on all online platforms.

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Lu Colombo (Milan, 1952) is an Italian singer-songwriter widely known for the song “Maracaibo.” In 1982 she signed a contract with the Italian EMI label and released the single Dance All Nite, performing it at the 1983 edition of Festivalbar, a popular live-music performance television show, and winning the Disco Estate song competition. In 1984 she returned to Festivalbar, performing her new song Aurora. In 1985 she was invited to Festivalbar again, after winning the Saint Vincent Festival, with her song Rimini Ouagadougou. In the late-eighties she slowly left the dance-music scene, and in the nineties she moved abroad to dedicate herself to mural painting. In 2003 she resumed her musical activity with the released of albums “Maracaibo 20th Anniversary” and “L’uovo di Colombo,” which she presented at the Mantova Music Festival. She took part in numerous events and concerts and in 2011 she released the album “Molto più di un buon motive” (Artup Records), in which she interprets twelve songs by Joaquín Sabina, all translated into Italian by Sergio S. Sacchi of San Remo’s legendary Club Tenco. In 2017 she released the EP “Basta” with four songs on the subject of violence against women. She participates in various musical and recording initiatives including two publications for Squilibri Editore, a tribute to Gabriella Ferri, and numerous social initiatives. Her songs have been included in various soundtracks for television and film, including “Vacanze di natale” (1983), “Il dolce e l'amaro” (2007), and “Terraferma” (2011).

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