Ulikhanyan Quintet

Ulikhanyan Quintet


Aram Khachaturian/Ulikhanyan Quintet
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  • country:Armenia
  • region:Orient
  • style(s):Classical, Jazz
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Lucineh Hovanissian

Line up

  • Armen Avetisyan  (drums)
  • Dmitri Arzumanyan ( saxophone)
  • Edgar Avetisyan  (bass)
  • Martin Ulikhanyan  (clarinet)
  • Vardan Ulikhanyan  (piano)


The "Ulikhanyan Quintet" was founded in 1997. The main idea of the formation of the group was the synthesis of jazz and progressive music in academic shapes.
The first concert took place in November, 1997 and it was devoted to the 200th anniversary of France Shubert. The next program consisted of jazz processing of the compositions by Claude Debussy. (1998).
In 2003 the world of music celebrated the 100th anniversary of the greatest Armenian composer Aram Khachaturyan, and in connection with that the "Ulikhanyan Quintet" created a program that completely consisted of jazz processing of compositions by A.Khachatryan.
During the years the musical style of the group underwent changes.
If at the beginning the role of improvisation was great in the formation of a style, during the last years improvisation gradually gave way to scores that have clear academic structure.


''The Way to the temple''
(C) Ulikhanyan Quintet, 2007