A tech company providing streaming platforms & digital services for the art, culture and entertainment, with a media arm producing original content.

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ProduThing provides a comprehensive ecosystem of digital platforms and services to the entertainment industry. Our solutions include ProduThing Audio for music streaming, podcasting, and audiobooks, ProduThing TV for video streaming, and TKt for event ticketing. We serve a wide range of industries, including music labels, film and television production companies, radio stations, podcast producers, theatres, dance companies, museums, and more. J

Powered by the innovative Lisbon-based Luckymatrix and the cutting-edge Indian tech firm Alphanso Technology, our mission is to bring affordable and innovative digital solutions to the art, culture, and entertainment industry globally.

Why Choose ProduThing?
• Complete Ownership: With ProduThing, you have full control of your streaming or ticketing platform. It's your own website and branded apps, available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV. Reach your audience on any device.
• Monetise Your Content, sell your tickets: Generate revenue from your films, TV shows, and live events. ProduThing seamlessly integrates with your preferred payment system, providing a hassle-free monetisation experience.
• Lifetime License: Say goodbye to recurring fees. Our one-time flat fee gives you a lifetime licence, allowing you to focus on growing your streaming business without worrying about ongoing expenses.
On the film and television production side, Our team would love to tell you more about our portfolio of films, documentaries, and TV series, let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss potential collaboration.

The Berlin Wall: My Part in Its Downfall - The Peter Millar Story (feature film)
Status: Seeking Co-Producers and Financiers
Language: English / German
Based on Peter Millar's best-selling book: A young journalist is sent to East Berlin during the Cold War, where he meets history, his quirky Berliner neighbourhood at the pub, and a surveillance state that looks like a very attractive cleaning lady.

Father Interrupted - Padrectomía (52 min. documentary)
Producers: Luckymatrix (Portugal), Nomade Films and Cabracarril (Argentina)
Status: Completed, Ready for Acquisition
Language: Spanish / English subtitles
Directed by Guillermo Costanzo and Marcelo Mosenson, a father's emotional journey to reunite with his son after years of legal battles, documented through personal video diaries.

Décade (drama TV series)
Status: Series Bible, Production Partners Wanted
Language: French
Written by Marc Rosati, Patrice Henry, and Phil Ox
Set in 1980s Paris, this 10-part police drama series follows the tumultuous lives of Sophie, an ambitious young woman, and Lucas, an idealistic young man, both working as detectives in the vice squad. Their best friend Vasco is a journalist who lives the high life. Together, the three friends navigate the rapidly changing landscape of French society, from the end of state-run television to the rise of Bernard Tapie, the Copernic Street bombing, the AIDS crisis, the far-right National Front, and the emergence of hip hop culture. Through it all, the series captures the essence of the '80s and how it shaped modern France.

Rock’n’Roll (drama TV series)
Status: Series Bible, Finance and Distribution Partners Needed
Language: English, Magyar, German
Written by Alex Oates, Katie Sheridan, and Phil Ox
Inspired by actual events, a returning drama series that chronicles Budapest in the 90s through the prism of the gang of misfits who created the booming local porn industry. It’s the tale of a generation running away with the circus.

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