The Case for Disruption: Introducing ProduThing TV

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It's time to disrupt the order, to leverage technology and subvert the system. Build your own streaming platform, connect directly to your audience, and start monetising.
At ProduThing, we are the architects of your independence. We specialise in building cutting-edge streaming platforms and a complete ecosystem of digital solutions tailored for the art, culture, and entertainment industry.
Why Choose ProduThing TV?

• Multiplatform Solution: Experience seamless streaming across web, app, and smart TV. Reach your audience on any device, anytime.
• Customisation at Your Fingertips: Your Streaming Realm, Your Brand, Across Your Website, Your Own Apps, on Your Servers. Our solution is flexible and expandable, allowing you to integrate advanced features like advertising, live streaming, marketplaces, and even harness the power of artificial intelligence.
• Enhance your reach: with scalability and geofencing, our robust AWS infrastructure ensures optimal performance, providing a seamless streaming experience for your viewers.
Immediate Deployment: Fast-track your journey to digital empowerment with our quick and efficient deployment process.
• Lifetime License: Embrace a future without recurring costs – a one-time lifetime licence fee gives you complete ownership.
The Case for Disruption is clear: build your own streaming platform, broadcast to the world, retain 100% of your revenues, prepare for the future now. At ProduThing, we believe in your potential, and we have the engineers, programmers, and digital tools to shape your own destiny.

Ready to take the leap? Schedule a meeting with us at Womex from 25-29 October.

article posted by:Phil Ox, Luckymatrix