Lusitanian Ghosts

Lusitanian Ghosts
Lusitanian Ghosts

Line up

  • Abel Beja (Viola Terceirense)
  • João Morais (O Gajo) (Viola Campaniça)
  • João Sousa (Drums)
  • Micke Ghost (Viola Amarantina, electric guitar)
  • Neil Leyton (Vocals, Viola Beiroa)
  • Vasco Ribeiro Casais (Nykelharpa, Viola Braguesa)


Lusitanian Ghosts is a rock n roll artist collective featuring Portuguese traditional cordophone guitars, with Neil Leyton, Micke Ghost, João Sousa, Omiri, O Gajo, members of Primitive Reason and other artists. It is a musical project that mixes indie songwriting with traditional Portuguese instruments like the Beiroa, Campaniça, Braguesa, Terceirense and Amarantina guitars. Along with the debut album coming in 2018 will be a documentary film that also interviews several cordophone experts who explain why most of these portuguese ancient instruments became forgotten - almost extinct - over time. They are the Lusitanian Ghosts.