Moonlight Benjamin

Moonlight Benjamin


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  • country:Haiti
  • style(s):Rock, World Fusion
  • label:Ma Case Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • artist posted by:Ma Case Prod

Line up

  • Bertrand Noel (drums)
  • Marck Richard Mirand  (bass)
  • Martin Levebvre  (guitar, keyboard)
  • Matthis Pascaud (guitar)
  • Moonlight Benjamin  (lead vocals)


Voodoo blues, Haitian rock and Creole roll; whatever it gets called, Haitian exile in France Moonlight Benjamin's latest project is a riff-heavy, groove-laden sonic concoction built on the tension between her powerful voice and saturated electric guitars provided by Matthis Pascaud of French experimental thrash-rock group Square One, driving along her songs based on writings by dissident voices of Haitian literature such as Frankétienne, Georges Castera and Anthony Lespès. It's a broader exploration of the musical themes of her previous, more traditional solo projects and her ongoing work with Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Guadeloupean saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart in their Creole Spirits show: the African roots of voodoo culture and its journey to the Americas and its immeasurable influences on popular culture. Here, Moonlight Benjamin forges Haitian voodoo with heavy blues rock into an unstoppable new style.

FRoots UK mag "album choice"
FRoots Uk mag cover october issue
Songlines UK mag "top of the world" selection
Airplays on Europe1, FIp, RFI (Fr), BBC 2 (uk), KEXP (usa), ...

"The new priest of voodoo rock" (L'Obs, Fr)
"Guitar guns and Caribbean fever" (Lylo , Fr)
"Diamond-hard voodoo blues-rock" (Froots, Uk)
"soul blues mama & punky rock voodoo queen" (Froots, Uk)

"Some haitian voodoo inspired by The Black Keys, The White Stripes or Dr John ... "
"Some Haitian voodoo meeting the Black Keys"


Moonlight Benjamin