Mâäk's Spirit / Met-X Moving Music

Mâäk's Spirit is always renewing, always fresh, always colourful with an original quintet as its core: 2 saxes, a trumpet, a tuba and drums!

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Mâäk (aka Mâäk’s Spirit) is an avant-gardist jazz band. The core of it is a collective of five, called Mâäk Quintet: Laurent Blondiau – trumpet, Jeroen Van Herzeele – tenor sax, Michel Massot – tuba, Guillaume Orti – alto sax, João Lobo – drums. Mâäk has various other projects such as ‘KOJO’ with musicians/dancers from Benin; ‘MW’Soul’ with Ghalia Benali; ‘Mâäk Septet’ with Marc Ducret (guitar) and Claude Tchamitchian (double bass); ‘Electro Project’ with contemporary and hip hop dance, electronic sounds and light show; ‘Mâäk Septet’ with Mâäk Quintet + Claude Tchamitchian and Marc Ducret (guitar) and the newest project ‘MikMâäk’ which is a slightly peculiar all-star big band with 16 top shelf musicians. The compositions are written by different musicians, which makes this project very unique and exciting! In MikMâäk, Mâäk Quintet is reinforced with: Jean-Paul Estiévenart and Bart Maris (trumpet), Geoffroy De Masure (trombone), Niels Van Heertum (euphonium), Pierre Bernard and Quentin Menfroy (flutes), Yann Lecollaire (clarinets), Fabian Fiorini (piano), Claude Tchimitchian (double bass), Bo Van der Werf and Grégoire Tirtiaux (baritone sax). Mâäk is always renewing, always fresh, always colourful!
MET-X is a house for and from musicians. We transform sounds from the belly of the city into a unique musical universe.
In close collaboration with enthusiastic artists coming from the most different horizons we manufacture the creative elements in order to form bands, events and educational processes.
Our acoustic universe is closely linked to that of the steaming capital: sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. Never smooth. Always exciting.
Moving music
Music that moves

participating in

  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014


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