Made With Pencil Crayons

Made With Pencil Crayons is a Canadian company with an international focus at the intersection of culture, music and art.

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Our aim is to break new ground and develop opportunities to create shared experiences domestically and worldwide.

We represents artists who work at the intersection of art and culture to create hybrid forms of contemporary music, to refresh your memory here are some press quotes and links to more information:


Amanda Martinez - Mexican Flamenco Soul | 5 piece band
“... one of the great new voices in Spanish language Latin music where slow cadence Cuban rhythms meet sensuous Mexico." - WORLD MUSIC CENTRAL

Battle of Santiago - Afro-Cuban Post-Rock | 8 piece band
"this Toronto collective conjure up a distinctive hybrid of Afrobeat, salsa and funk." - THE GUARDIAN, UK

Digging Roots - Roots, Rock, Soul and Blues | 6 piece band (offWOMEX 2019 Showcase)
"Digging Roots re-imagines the blues..." Digital Journal
"Luminous musical statements..." Winnipeg Free Press

Fofoulah - Afro-Dub | 5 piece band (WOMEX 2019 Showcase)
“Fofoulah's foundations are dub and jazz, but these are beefed up with electronics ... and, most persuasively, the sabar and tama drums of West Africa.” – MOJO

Kobo Town - Calypso, Roots & Rock | 6 piece band
“... an intoxicating blend of lilting calypsonian wit, dancehall reggae, and trombone-heavy brass.” - The Guardian

Reimundo Sosa - Traditional Afro Cuban | 6 piece band
"highly-respected musician and an important part of the local community," - Tracy Jenkins, Lula Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada

Telmary & Habanasana - Cuban Hip Hop |10 piece band
"...a full Latin band, playing the sinuous rhythms of son and speedy, percussive rumba, surrounding her with melodic refrains." - THE NEW YORK TIMES


participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018


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