Chocolate Remix

Chocolate Remix
photo: Julian-Corro-Martin
credits: CCRecoleta
  • country:Argentina
  • style(s):Latin, Reggaeton
  • label:Goza Records
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:electronic
  • artist posted by:Malavidamusic

Line up

  • 2 Dancers
  • DJ/Backing vocal/VJ


The ‘Grande Dame’ of lesbian reggaeton spices the signature thumping rhythms and catchy melodies of reggaeton with cumbia, electro and clubby beats. She plays around with sexual stereotypes and the sexual content that defines this genre. Sexy, but never sexist, she makes a musical statement for sexual diversity and turns your house into a big dance party.

In 2017 the BBC named Chocolate Remix one of the most 100 inspiring and innovative women in the world and her song ‘ni una menos’ has become one of the hymns of the women’s movement in Argentina and beyond.
Chocolate Remix is the reggaeton and urban music solo project of producer, rapper, singer and DJ Romina Bernardo. It was founded in 2013 with the purpose of claiming a right to a historically sexist music genre from a queer and feminist perspective. The project takes advantage of the strong sexual content of this style and recreates it by addressing taboo subjects such as female pleasure and sexuality. It also denounces the problems the LGBTTIQ community frequently faces, such as discrimination, censorship and violence. With eloquent and sharp lyrics full of of satire and humor, the rapper dives into different styles of reggaeton and mixes it with cumbia, funk carioca, dembow, reggae, electronic music and other genres to convey a message of strong political and social content – music that invites us to dance and think.

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Chocolate Remix