International Women*s Day / Girls* up front

credit: Montecruzfoto
2020 - credit: Montecruzfoto
2019 - credit: Montecruzfoto
screen shot - interactive live stream 2021
screen shot - interactive live stream 2021
  • event type:Festival
  • date:07 Mar 2023
  • city/area:Berlin / + stream
  • venue:Gretchen Berlin // worldwide
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Rap
  • event posted by:Malavidamusic


THE kick-off to International Women's Day.
JENSEITS VON NELKEN UND PRALINEN which translates to “Beyond Carnations and Pralines”, was founded in 2015 and presents female* artists/MCs and the musical style of choice is HipHop, Rap but mixed with all kind of music genres.

In 2021we opened a new chapter in concert and streaming history in the vastness of the Internet with the JENSEITS VON NELKEN UND PRALINEN festival - a real interactive live stream. Despite Corona, amazing acts could perform in a row in front of a cheering, dancing audience. The audiance could get into the club via their webcams. Projected on large screens in the clubroom, they became visible and audible to the artists.

Selection of artist 2016 - 2021:
Awa Khiwe (GER/ZIM),
BURD Beatbox (UK)
Illustre (FR)
KT Gorique (CH)
Lentos & Dym (RUS)
Lisaholic (GER)
Machete En Boca (ESP)
Mambe & Danochilango (DK)
MC Melodee (NL)
Ravi Kuma (DK)
Tracy de Sá (FR)
Tribade (ESP)