Sara Hebe
photo: Montecruzfoto

Line up

  • Edu Morote (Drums)
  • Ramiro Jota (MPC + Guitar + Bass)


Sara Hebe is an invitation to bounce, jump, raise your fists, to cumbia-shake your hips and butts, to rock and groove. Her strong voice and powerful stage performance make her one of the most remarkable artists from Latinamerica. Together with beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist Ramiro Jota and drummer Edu Morote she turns every venue and festival upside down.

She played in Argentina’s most important festivals including Lollapalooza, Cosquin Rock, Rock en Baradero, Buena Vibra and has toured the country extensively, as well as the rest of South America and most of Europe. She was also invited by Manu Chao to play alongside in his presentation in Teatro the Flores on his last tour. Throughout the years she has collaborated with fellow argentines Chancha Via Circuito, Rosario Ortega, Kumbia Queers, Fémina, Villa Diamente, EsLaBrava, the spanish artists Tremenda Jauría and Mafalda, the chilean Mi$$il and more.

Sara Hebe has won a Tato and Martin Fierro Award (the Argentine Emmy’s) for the original opening song for the hit TV show “El Marginal”. She has also won the Premio Democracy a la Música 2020 (“Democracy Award for Music”) and participated on the Lito Vitale show on TV Público, one of argentina’s biggest music shows hosted by the enormously celebrated argentine musician.

In 2007 Sara Hebe started composing by intuition, writing lyrics and melodies over beats produced by upcoming beatmakers and friends. From those first experiments she fleshed out the songs that became her first album: “La hija del loco” (“The Mad- man’s Daughter”), released in 2009 that was an instant critical hit and created a loyal fanbase. In 2012 she released “Puentera” (“Bridger”), which included collabo- rations with Sergio Sandoval among others. Her third album “Colectivo Vacío” (“Empty Bus”) was released in 2015 and is scyzhophrenic journey through hip-hop, cumbia and punk with relentless and versatile lyrics and rapping. In 2019, she released her latest album “Politicalpari”, a collection of eleven explosive songs which merge an onslaught of genres. It was presented in Estadio Atenas de la Plata. During 2020 she released the singles “Parien7e”, “Gameboy”, “Chiri” and “Teta”. Currently Sare is recording her 5th studio album, from which she has released the lead singles “Sal Fina” and “Refix”, two songs that expand her music even further adding fierce reggaeton and electronica into her already eclectic musical palette.