Lege-Lege Foli

Lege-Lege Foli
Daouda Diabate with his Tusia balafon
Yacouba Konate playing lunga
Boureima "Diaka" and Penegue Diabate dancing
Sadama Diabate with his Sambla balafon
Gogardi Traore singing
Yacouba Konate, Seydou "Kanazoe" Diabate, Penegue Diabate, Gogardi Traore
Seydou "Kanazoe" and Penegue Diabate
Abdoulaye Dembele and Mamadou Diabate
Sabwe and Daouda Diabate
Penegue Diabate playing Lunga
Mamadou Diabate
Sadama and Seydou "Kanazoe" Diabate
Sadiouma Traore
After concert in Vienna
The group


from the CD Tusia Fadenya
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  • country:Burkina Faso
  • region:West Africa
  • style(s):Traditional
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Mamadou Diabate

Line up

  • Abdoulaye Dembele (dundunba)
  • Boureima Diabate  (balafon, lunga)
  • Daouda Diabate (balafon)
  • Gogardi Traore (dundun)
  • Mamadou Diabate (balafon, lunga)
  • Penegue Diabate (lunga)
  • Sabwe Diabate (balafon)
  • Sadama Diabate (balafon)
  • Sadiouma Traore (dundun)
  • Seydou Diabate  (balafon)
  • Yacouba Konate (balafon)
  • Yaya Traore (dundun)


Led by Sadama Diabate the master balafonist of the Sambla and Daouda Diabate the master balafonist of the Tusia the group shows the finest West African balafon (xylophone) tradition.

The most striking feature of their music is the rich ornamented virtuous balafon solo. You could say that it speaks Indeed, what outsiders consider to be beautiful music is in reality their language transposed into music. The children learn this musical language simultaneously with their spoken language.

In the land of the Sambla, Tusia and Siamou each village, each important family, and every profession has its own piece of music that functions like a coat of arms. Music is composed for every important occasion. Any work carried out by the village community is accompanied by music.

Their tour in Austria in 2009 was a great spectacle.


"Sambla Fadenya" - Lege-Lege Foli

"Tusia Fadenya" - Lege-Lege Foli