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Manivette Records/Editions du Gabian is a production & publishing company for phonographic art: to promote and encourage contemporary Occitan Music

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Manivette Records (Les Editions du Gabian) is a production and publishing company for phonographic art. Founded in October 2004, its managing director is Emmanuelle Tirmarche.

Located at La Ciotat, a port town on the Mediterranean, Manivette Records’ objective is to promote and encourage the expression of contemporary Occitan culture, particularly in the Mediterranean basin, while remaining open to other world influences.

In its early years, Manivette Records produced and supported the artistic endeavours of the Ciotaden band, Moussu T e lei Jovents. Its first release, the album “Mademoiselle Marseille”, was issued in spring 2005: the result of a passion shared by Tatou, singer-songwriter and one of the founders of the Marseilles band Massilia Sound System, and Blu, expert guitarist (who also plays for Massilia Sound System), for a deft blend of music from Nordeste Brazil and from Occitania.

Its next offering was released in autumn 2006: the band’s second album “Forever Polida”, which received an enthusiastic response from the English-speaking public and media.

Moussu T e lei Jovents’ DVD DualDisc, “Inventé à La Ciotat” was Manivette Records’ third production, released in November 2007: it contains, on one side, 2 hours of video clips, live performances, documentaries and short films by the best filmmakers in Occitania, offering a fascinating insight into the band and the world that inspires its music; and, on the other, an audio CD containing new arrangements, remixes and new songs.

In autumn 2008, Moussu T e lei Jovents issued their third album “Home Sweet Home”. This disc has strengthened the band’s reputation and led to a series of foreign tours in England, Italy and Catalonia.

Meanwhile, Tatou and Blu, as songwriters for Moussu T e lei Jovents, have worked with Louis Pastorelli on his album, “Gigi de Nissa”, a collection of Niçois songs (release in spring 2010), produced by Manivette Records.

In September 2010, Moussu T e lei Jovents had released their 4th album : situated closed to Tom Waits, somewhere amongst the landscapes of modern blues, MTJ let their cheeky Mediterranean humour loose in a multicultural sound context. Through sophisticated instrumental breaks and rough-hewn sound 'Putan de cançon' marks a turning point in the group's development. And with the richness and diversityof his solos, Blu confirms his position as the equal of a Marc Ribot or a Zoot Horn Rollo.

A live album was released in March 2012 : "Empêche-nous !"

A new album (the fifth) was recording to be released in Spring 2013. With a great audience through the world: they've played in UK, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland,Italy, Spain and Japan.

Manivette Records is responsible for producing all albums by Moussu T e lei Jovents which are under licence to Le Chant du Monde for promotion and marketing, and Harmonia Mundi for distribution. More than 65,000 copies have been sold to date.

In 2014, the band Moussu T e lei Jovents decided to release a cover from Marseillaises' Operettas (from 30s) such as the Vincent Scotto's greatests hits.
The same year, Manivette Records signed a contract with the band Massilia Sound System and release their last (eighth) album called 'Massilia' to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of this reggae band from MARSEILLE! In that occasion, the label released a box with the first four albums (+ a bonus CD with Mad Professor and the Robotiks).

Autumn 2016 Moussu T e lei Jovents released a new album called 'Navega!'.

A new Moussu T e lei Jovents' album is recording to be released in 2016.



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"Gigi de Nissa" - Gigi de Nissa

"Inventé à La Ciotat" - Moussu T e lei Jovents

"Forever Polida" - Moussu T e lei Jovents

"Mademoiselle Marseille" - Moussu T e lei Jovents

"Home sweet home" - Moussu T e lei Jovents