"Gigi de Nissa" - Gigi de Nissa

Gigi de Nissa
Gigi de Nissa


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  • artist:Gigi de Nissa
  • region:Occitania
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Chansons, Acoustic
  • country:France
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Manivette Records
  • label:Manivette Records
  • publisher:Les Editions du Gabian


Author, composer and performer, founder of the Carnaval Indépendant Niçois (Nice’s alternative carnival) and lead singer with the Nice reggae band NUX VOMICA, Louis Pastorelli has always drawn his inspiration from the social community, history, culture and oral traditions of his home town. In addition, he is totally committed to the revival of Occitan culture launched by Massilia Sound System and Fabulous Trobadors in the 1980s.

With NUX VOMICA, Louis Pastorelli takes a new look at the world of music-hall singers. He has decided to revisit his song repertoire by taking a more personal, more individualistic approach: using images from daily life, taking swipes at the local political scene, describing his daily life, brocading Niçois bigwigs. Using his new persona Gigi de Nissa, Louis Pastorelli opens his personal songbook to musical pieces that combine traditional with modern, local with universal.

With this concept, a new personality emerges from his songs: a cartoon character, Gigi de Nissa, set in an intimate universe of sound and music imbued with satire and a carnival atmosphere. Thus, he holds up a mirror of our daily reality, a new way of looking at our world. Gigi’s songs are written either in Niçois patois or French, depending on their content, and, taken as a whole, build a tableau of his story as a denizen of Far East Occitania.

In addition, for this new experiment, Louis Pastorelli has worked with musicians (authors and composers) with whom he has always had a very close affinity, either for their musical choices or views on social or political issues. Together they have produced a homage to composers of popular music and to an oral tradition that perpetuates the desire to promote humanity, conviviality and freedom.

For this album, Gigi de Nissa wanted to work with other contemporary musicians (Moussu T, Sauvaigo ) on the repertoire of local traditional songs (Joan Nicola, Louis Unia) and his own compositions.

With Tatou and Blu (from Moussu T e lei Jovents) to back him on this self-titled album, Gigi de Nissa is setting off on his latest musical journey with a new set of companions.