Moussu T e lei Jovents
Empêche-nous! LIVE


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Album recorded in concert at the “Nuits Métis” festival in Miramas, June 2011.
2012 : after 8 years of existence and more than 300 concerts all across Europe the band Moussu T e lei Jovents has developed a strong relationship with more and more loyal and enthusiastic crowds! So it was about time for the group to share these moments of privilege, simplicity and shared joy through a musical adventure of great quality!
It is with great talent that the group presents a “live” version of some of the leading titles of their repertoire: songs such as “Mademoiselle Marseille” or “Ò que calor“ are tainted by a new shade of color, a rougher more rock sound, which takes on a whole new breadth. New lighting and different versions of some of their most popular numbers both attest to the undeniable quality of their stage performance. They have already managed to prove their creative talents through four studio albums, and today (for those who have not yet had the chance to attend one of their concerts) their incredible communicative energy.
The committed text, either in their calm or more rocky versions, take on their full significance on stage: “Empêche-moi”, “Sur la rive”, “Putan de cançon”, love songs such as: “Ò que calor“ and “Lo dintre” also take on a whole new dimension. A more intimate song, such as “Paul, Emile et Henri”, proves all by itself the effectiveness of a simple guitar and voice duo.
By the quality of their lyrics, their positioning (using l’occitan, anti-centralization, etc.) and the special sound that they have managed to create, Moussu T and lei Jovents have placed Marseille on the international musical map and thus risen to join the ranks of the greatest modern blues groups.