We create cultural experiences to approach to the cultural richness of the Colombian Afro-Pacific communities, while leaving a contribution for them

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We design remarkable experiences to immerse yourself in the music, dance, cuisine and other ancestral knowledge from the Afro-Colombian communities of the Pacific Coast. .

Two contrasting realities coexist throughout the Colombian Pacific coast. First, the reality of violence, abandonment and historical marginalization that the Afro-Colombian population experiences.Second, the magic of a territory inhabited by communities that resist and vibrate with music and dance, keeping alive the traditions of their ancestors.

Marimbea is a bridge to share this fascinating cultural richness with anybody who wants to approach, learn, enjoy, and leave a contribution for the community. We design experiences where people can play, dance, cook and compose guided by the connoisseurs of the Colombian Pacific. People interested can come with us to the Colombian Pacific to have this experience, we may come to your country or you can experience it from home with our virtual experiences.

Delight yourself and become fascinated by this magic with Marimbea, while contributing to generate opportunities for economic development in this region.

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  • WOMEX 2021


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An online course for Traditional Afro-Colombian Music, Dance and Cooking

- #VibraPacifico is an original idea of Marimbea...