An online course for Traditional Afro-Colombian Music, Dance and Cooking

Victor Rosero - Barbacoas
Kevin Castillo - Barbacoas
Currulao Dance - Guapi
Johan Carlo Estacio - Tumaco
Juan Carlos Mindinero - Tumaco
Traditional Dance - Tumaco
Grimanesa Castillo - Barbacoas


Journey on a magical and virtual trip to the amazing culture of the town of Guapi, located in the Colombia`s Pacific coast. Traditional Percussion,
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- #VibraPacifico is an original idea of Marimbea organization, based in Colombia.

- It is an initiative to make visible, share and support the culture of the Colombian South Pacific coast.

- Learn about the cultural manifestations and ancestral knowledge of this region, through creative experiences and virtual classes.

- Visit Tumaco, Guapi, Barbacoas, and Timbiqui territories through four seasons that will bring the participants closer to music, dance, cuisine, and other traditional practices.

- Vibra Pacifico is part of the program Territorios de Oportunidad, and it seeks to generate an alternative source of income for artists and other cultural agents from these communities, as well as strengthen their support networks.

More than 60 recording hours, 22 days of shooting, and 24 protagonists amongst artists and cultural managers from the Pacific coast, are part of the four seasons of Vibra Pacifico.

In addition to offering a virtual trip to the innermost of the Colombian South Pacific coast, Vibra Pacifico aims to strengthen culture, cooperation, and social entrepreneurship through membership programs, support campaigns for the continuity of cultural training processes in the regions, and a virtual store that allows musicians, luthiers, and artisans to sell their products in a sustainable way.

"Vibra Pacifico is a way of connecting the different artistic, cultural, and traditional practices of the Colombian South Pacific coast, with the entire world. This project is very significant for the cultural actors of this country because it makes visible the cultural work of the territories " This is how Eder Javier Camacho Grueso from Guapi, Cauca describes this initiative.

Eder, also known as "Borys" is a musician, manager, and one of the local liaisons of this project. He highlights how this project contributes to create new audiences interested in the culture of this region, as well as to preserve pedagogical material, compiled through the recordings. He states that Vibra Pacifico is "a source of knowledge for new generations that for many reasons don't have access to traditional knowers, to learn from them about ancestral practices which in one way or another are part of their heritage, their identity, and their ancestral roots ".

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article posted by:Adrian Sabogal, Marimbea