"Sahara Koyo" - Marmoucha Orchestra & Mehdi Nassouli

Marmoucha Orchestra & Mehdi Nassouli
  • artist:Marmoucha Orchestra & Mehdi Nassouli
  • featured artist:Marmoucha Orchestra & Mehdi Nassouli
  • region:Western Europe
  • release year:2022
  • style(s):World Fusion
  • country:Netherlands
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Marmoucha
  • label:Marmoucha
  • publisher:Marmoucha
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Marmoucha Orchestra

The Marmoucha Orchestra performs in all productions and brings musicians, artists and public together to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western music. Providing a meeting place for everyone with an interest in Arabic culture and world music.

Musically, the Orchestra covers the region from North-Africa, the Middle-East and the Mediterranean. From music from Andalusia, the Maghreb and the Middle-East, to jazz, pop and electronic music.

The Marmoucha Orchestra is not just a collective of musicians. The Orchestra draws its inspiration from Arabic culture: a world full of poetry and passion, with surprising details. Add to that the cultural diversity of its members, the mix of traditions, the wide variety of instruments and the combination with musical theatre, and it's easy to see that Marmoucha is unique in the Netherlands and further afield.