• country:Saint Lucia
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Reggae, Songwriter
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Masterroom Music

Line up

  • Gersham


Andy “Gersham” Alexander, a young St. Lucian musician, makes his debut in reggae music with his first single "Warning", one which describes and shuns the ills in society as homicide rates sky rocket with every passing day. Hailing from Grace Vieux Fort, the vocalist, who currently works with the Envoice band, has a burning passion for music and aims to inspire and motivate young people with his lyrics to cultivate and partake in positive and uplifting activities.

Mr. Alexander began his professional journey in music from the tender age of 14, while being a student at the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School. Andy often found himself secretly skipping classes to attend rehearsals and shows because of his desire to pursue music. Despite his low attendance, the youngster still managed to be successful in his academic life at school, being a natural over-achiever.

The vocalist gives credit to his strict upbringing in the Church of God for contributing to his early exposure to music and nurturing his interest and love for it. He recalls writing his first song as a 5 year old boy after being inspired by the captivating performances of the musicians at his childhood church. One of those musicians, a guitarist, gave him his first professional placement in a country band in 2007, with which he played as a drummer for nearly 7 years. Gersham then left the band and started his own band called 4th Element in 2014, which disintegrated after a rough 2 year operation.

Determined to continue the path of his dreams, the young musician permanently moved away from his hometown of Vieux Fort in 2016 in search of bigger opportunities in the north of the island. After a brief struggle, he was contacted by a member of the Envoice band who was familiar with his potential and sound to be the lead vocalist for one night at a reggae gig. Tremendously impressed with his performance, the manager of the band contacted him to discuss him working with the band permanently.

After being hired by Envoice, Gersham found himself having to learn reggae songs to build and develop his repertoire. In doing so, he fell in love with the genre, which fit his voice and overall sound like a glove. Recognizing his love for reggae music, the band’s keyboardist, Swane Jn Baptiste, presented Alexander with some reggae riddims which he produced, one of which, the song “Warning” was penned out on. The song was written entirely by Andy himself, who aspires to improve and develop his songwriting skills in his pursuit of being a reggae artist. The debut single was released on Youtube November 28th 2019 at 6 p.m, and will soon be available in all music stores worldwide.

Gersham plans to “create a movement of conscious youths” with his music. He wants his music to be suitable for all ages and not conforming to the hype of traditional lyrical content of today’s local music.

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