Tolo Genestar Marques

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participation in

  • WOMEX 2016

Music is much more than just an arrangement of sounds, music grows from shared cultural practices. We organise sounds in ways which reflect our culture, our memories, our traditions and our shared knowledge. Rather than being an object, music is a cluster created from our shared lives, recollections and knowledge, our experiences give it meaning. We relate it to our identity, ethnicity and traditions. Music, therefore, more than being a piece in a cultural collection, is actually culture. Jewish Life, portraits of the past, is an example of this culture, grown from the roots of the contemporary Jewish community.

Jewish life, Portraits of the Past, forays into Jewish history and identity, it explores some its remnants that were scattered throughout 20th century culture.
During the hostile climate of the 20 century, music continued to be created in diverse contexts, inhabiting disperse individual memories. It sprang up within the crude walls of the concentration camps; it ruminated in the memory of a young person exiled from homeland and history. It was a form of expression used by indignant mavericks as well as a nostalgic evocation sung far from home, far from across the sea.

The works presented on this project were germinated in very distinct contexts and moments. They are the fruit of both intention and subjective perceptions which in different ways delve deeply into individual experiences and memories. Each one of them expresses itself through its own distinct language while at the same time making use of a common vocabulary. They are not united only by contemporaneity but also by modes of expression, symbols and speech. They share traditions and ways of seeing. Behind their discourse, is the deep rooted language of a whole culture.

Tolo Genestar Marques

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