Mazl Girls Klezmer Band

Classical trained violinist specialized in klezmer and traditional Jewish music,founder &manager of female klezmer band "MAZL GIRLS KLEZMER BAND"

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Violinist and director of the "MAZL GIRLS KLEZMER BAND"
email: / Mobile phone: +972-52-2673214 /
Bea Sharon, the founder and director of "Mazl Girls" is a violinist of classical background, who graduated from the Tel Aviv Academy of Music with a Master's Degree in Musicology.
Bea Sharon was a member of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra for 35 years. She has also performed with chamber orchestras and musical ensembles in Israel and abroad. Since 2012, she is researching and performing traditional Jewish and Klezmer music, performs yearly at the Tzfat Klezmer Festival and is Musical Advisor of the Tzfat International Klezmer Master Classes.
In 2015, Bea Sharon founded the MAZL GIRLS KLEZMER BAND, a highly professional female musician’s band. The band members are all well-known Israeli musicians who perform as soloists as well as with other Israeli highly appreciated musical ensembles. The band's composition is flexible, making it possible for 3 to 6 musicians to perform together. Their instruments are: violin, accordion, piano, drums, clarinet, trombone, cello, flute, tuba and more.
Bea Sharon also performs frequently as solo klezmer violist.
The MAZL GIRLS repertoire includes traditional klezmer melodies originating from Eastern Europe, klezmer melodies that were composed recently in Israel and instrumental arrangements of Jewish traditional music.
The "Mazl Girls World Project" is a newly formed program which includes ethnic Jewish music of oriental and Sephardic origins, played also by outstanding female musician guests.


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