The Gharbi Brothers

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    Band, Quartet
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Early and exceptional artists, The nature has not been stingy with Gharbi brothers to provide them benefits and favors. With fingers that flirt voluptuously, they have the gift to bring out the crystal clear sound and the magic spell notes.The spirit of seriousness with which the twins Gharbi, Bashir and Mohamed, do everything with application, gravity and away from any claim against-productive, is one of their characteristics. The desire to always move forward is at the height of their ambition and scale of the project. It is therefore legitimate with this winning mentality they were able to come all this way. Now, after mature reflection, they just ask the first step in what will be, we have no doubt, the building of a very promising career. Everything leads us to believe that this will happen. The consensus that emerges around their name, the expressions of admiration made in their honor and signs of encouragement provided against them by leaders in the field of musical reference leave no room for doubt.


The Gharbi Brothers


The Gharbi Brothers


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