Zohra Lajnef
Zohra Lajnef


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  • country:Tunisia
  • style(s):Fusion, Traditional
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Med Fusion Management

Line up

  • Zohra Lajnef (Singer)


Between the Roman ruins of the village of Esswinia, a few kilometers from the town of Gafsa, between the Roman pool, olive groves, wheat fields, the childhood Zohra Lajnef was lulled by the song of the earth.
She was removed to the taste of the region, the scent of the olive oil, the delicious syrup of dates, and the voice of his mother, a mother like the others, nurturing, generous, with a bonus, his legendary pride of the Gafsian Womens .
The authority of a choirmaster and a voice that epitomizes the richness of the musical heritage in the region of Gafsa.
This special education and this colorful childhood will be decisive in the path of Zohra Lajnef.
The Mother "Fattoum" become the muse, The inspiring ... and of course, the success is present, a memorable concert in Carthage International Festival and a tour of the biggest summer festivals, with a project, is to rehabilitate the Tunisian folk music by adopting an intercultural approach where jazz, swing or rock, merged with the dreamy melodies of the Gasba.
Zohra Lajnef is considered today the Diva of the Tunisian Bedouin music.
She embodies the perfect image of the Tunisian women, emancipated, multi-talented, courageous and combative, his voice sounds like an echo of freedom, pride and wealth of a whole country.