Amir Gwirtzman "Inhale-Exhale"

Amir Gwirtzman "Inhale-Exhale"
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  • 2 Makedonuts
  • 3 Babel-Gumbo
  • 4 Zurnal
  • 5 KlezMan
  • 6 Pipe Hop
  • 7 3..4..&!
  • 8 Leja Dodi
  • 8 Merci Bemol
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Amir Gwirtzman

Is a Jazz/World music multi-instrumentalist artist, hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel. Following 30 years of successful international career he developed his own distinctive and recognizable musical language that became a successful solo career, from 2008, consisted of solo-concerts, collaborations with renowned musicians, symphonic orchestras, embassies, cultural and educational centers and many others.

Also, in May of 2017, Amir had the honor to be endorsed by the distinguished P.Mauriat Saxophones maker company.

Multi-Cultural Virtuoso

Amir’s unique sound is inspired by a wide spectrum of influences and combines original compositions with traditional ones, it is given the Artist's own reflections and interpretations. The Artist has been influenced by a career that has taken him from Israel to the United States, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He draws inspiration from the rich rhythms of Cuban jazz, earthy R&B melodies of Ray Charles, soaring jazz riffs of Chick Corea and Wayne Shorter, energetic melodies of Jewish Klezmer, and cheerful yet melancholy harmonies of Irish Celtic music. He also is inspired by sounds of the Middle East, Gypsy communities, Armenia, Native American cultures, and New Orleans.

Inhale-Exhale solo project

"Inhale-Exhale“ solo project represents the Israeli micro cosmos - a melting pot of sounds, cultures and diversities fused together in perfect harmony, speaking a universal language easily understood by various audience groups.It has been described as an Israeli „musical ID card“."Inhale-Exhale" is performed by Amir himself alternately playing on more than 20 ! various woodwind instruments positioned around him. What makes it so special/unique and different is not just the number of instruments he plays or the fact that only a few people in the world possess the skills and abilities to perform such a demanding act, live, but also the way the songs are built. Single melodic parts are gradually played and build up into a "big band" orchestra sound. All this happens, live, in front of the audience. What gives it an additional value is the "element of surprise" which keeps the audience focused, entertained and amazed. It is a high level of interactive act, consistent in quality but at the same time flexible, depending on the occasion, time and space.

List of instruments played by Amir:

Saxophones:Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone
Clarinets: B-b , Bass clarinet
Flutes: Classical flute, Recorder, Quena , Irish whistles, Ney, Kaval, Chinese Bamboo flute, Native American flute
Indigenous woodwinds:Armenian duduk, Korean piri, Arghoul, Zurna , Highland Bagpipes, Persian pipes, Shofar, Vuvuzelas
Others: Kalimba, Mouth harp, Small percussion

Inhale-Exhale around the world:

Amir has performed Ihis project in U.S.A., Germany, Armenia, Albania, Denmark,Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Peru, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Brazil, Philippines, Bulgaria, and of course Israel.

Solo albums

Inhale-Exhale, released in
November 2010

In May 2017, Amir released his
new solo album, Babel Gumbo
(Inhale-Exhale II), NarRator