Annamária Oláh

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  • WOMEX 2015

When I was child my father thought to me a soldier song. That time I knew that I would like to be a singer. My first theacher was an opera singer (I was 16). Then I started the Academy. Now I study music therapy and teach singing and dancing for beginners.

2007-2010 - Liszt Ferenc Music Academy (jazz singing)
2007 - my first music band called Fókatelep
2009 - Meszecsinka
2011 - First Prize of world music category of Folkbeats, Meszecsinka

Fókatelep 2009
Fókatelep-Focadelic 2011
Meszecsinka 2012
Meszecisnka Live 2013
Meszecsinka-Kinyílok 2014
Meszecsinka-Ai 2015

Annamária Oláh

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