Canti, cantori e cantatrici



A traditional Sicilian song, from the repertoire of Rosa Balistreri
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  • event type:Concert
  • date:02 Sep 2023
  • time:21:00
  • city/area:Bologna
  • venue:Porta Pratello Summer Ground
  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Folk, World
  • event posted by:Medinsud APS


Gaia D’Elia voice, tammorra, berimbao
Mirco Mungari voice, oud, bouzouki, frame drums
Guido Sodo voice, oud, guitars


For a musician, practicing certain repertoires inevitably means getting bogged down in border lagoons.
A joyful getting bogged down, of course, which often arises lightly, when you realize that a melody, a color, a rhythm are perfectly reflected in something else on the other side of the ocean. Thus imaginary geographies are formed, inconsistent yet tenacious maps that lead to tracing itineraries, to establish stopovers and departures, in a continuous making and unpacking of the mind.
This record is our pilot book, the crumpled nautical chart on which we have noted the routes of the wanderings resulting from the development of our musical project.
As a small crew of a ramshackle vessel of the Bourbon navy (actually not too loyal to flags and regulations) we went in search of cultural, linguistic and musical bridges that unexpectedly unite the shores of distant seas;
from the gulf of Naples to the Brazilian coast, from the Calabrian Ionian to the Shatt-el-Arab, from one to the other coast of the Adriatic, from the restless Vesuvius to the tormented Balkans, we let words and sounds find their unity by themselves, on a journey that has just begun.

AMMUÌNA (*) were born in 2020 with the first objective of a recording project, Canti cantori e cantatrici (Songs, singers and singers), produced by the Medinsud Cultural Association in 2021.
He has participated in various theatrical and musical reviews including Le vie del Melograno at Masseria Lu Mbroia in Corigliano d’Otranto (LE); Le cose della vita – concerti nei cimiteri for the Municipality of Sasso Marconi; Parco spettacolare and Cabaret di fiume in the summer season of the Teatro delle Temperie in the province of Bologna; Reteteatri Festival, a project of the Emilia-Romagna Region, in Bologna and Imola; Destate l’arte again in Bologna, Ambriajazz, Tutto il mondo è un incanto.

(*) Ammuina was the name of a maneuver of the Bourbon royal navy to make believe that there was a lively activity: everyone moved on the ship but without doing anything concrete