photo by Bartek Muracki
photo by Bartek Muracki
Mehehe on EthnoPort Festival 2020
Mehehe at the Hide & Seek Festival in Brussels 2020


Based on an old traditional prayers and spells whispered while smoking flax over the head of a sick person by folk healers Whisperers.
  • 1 Różyca / The spell on a Rose
  • 2 Woda / Water
  • 3 Deszcz / Rain
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  • country:Poland
  • region:Warsaw
  • style(s):Ambient, Ritual
  • label:AAUU records
  • type:Band, Duo
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, percussion, visual, string
  • artist posted by:Mehehe

Line up

  • Basia Songin (Wolf Bass, kankles, shamanic drums, looper, vocal)
  • Helena Matuszewska (złóbcoki, kashgar rawap, shamanic drum, vocal)


The ethno ambient duo who explore the roots of Polish village music and folk magic tradition. They raise the spirit of the tradition of rural rituals, magic, summer solstices, spells that survive in rhymes, melodies and folk songs. Using looper, acoustic folk instruments, spindles, leaves, whispers, screams and singing, they take listeners to a mysterious and dying world of folk magic.
The group are: Helena Matuszewska an award winning musician, classically-educated violinist and multi-instrumentalist, composer, song writer and expert in the knee fiddles and the fingernail technique of playing; Basia Songin not only an award-winning musician and singer but also theater director and performer, composer, member of well known band Sutari.
Mehehe was debuted in the spring of 2018 as the one of the winners the most important ethno music festival in Poland where they received the third prize for "thoughtful stage creation, intimacy and fairy tale". Magical repertoire - original compositions inspired by Polish folk music, nature sounds and shamanic traditions from various regions of Poland - found its way onto the debut album CIEMNIENIE / DARKENING (AAUU Records, March 2019).
In 2020 Mehehe was invited to to participate in the Keychange project - a pioneering international initiative supporting women music.