• country:Italy
  • style(s):Electronic, Traditional
  • label:MESCAL
  • artist submitted by:Mescal


The rural world in which our grandmothers were born and have lived has completely disappeared. Their culture will go down the same route. Maybe it’s right thay way, too: the times have changed.
This is our time, and we want to live it as intensely as we can.We have decided to take with us some things from the old-time tradition, to remind us who we are and where we come from and to help us along the journey. Almost all of them are gifts of the women. We dedicate this album, with immense gratitude, to the women of Emilia and of the world.
The code assigned to the first release of any software, to never-written-before programs. We are the children of our time, and this is the way we feel about the heritage we claim: “as it ever was, new”.
“Hypna-lullaby”. A cradle song to lock the world out.
Tre sorelle
“Three sisters”. “Antifona” singing, in which a lead singer sings a line and a chorus anwers back, is an ancient way to make music to some collective activities, such as washing sheets or spinning, and was commonly found in Emilia. Here we use this form, taking inspiration from a traditional Finnish song, “Vihma”.
Mare Oceano
“Ocean Sea”. “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” was the title given to Cristopher Columbus in reward for his extraordinary discoveries. Written on the Brazilian coast, gazing at the Ocean Sea from the other side.
Di madre in figlia
“From mother to daughter”. In many cultures, and certainly in ours, women have a key role in guarding the old ways and the collective identity. With a strange “magic formula” in dialect to heal yourself with herbs.
Quattro piemontesi
“Four men from Piedmonte”. A choir of women rice filed workers an jungle pulse for this traditional song we learnt from the historical Emilian folk band “La Piva dal Carnèr”
“Enchanted”. A moment of peace in the middle of madness, gazing at the Po river. The land, the music and the singing girl are part of the same enchantment.
Lilting is a rythmical way of singing, popular in Ireland. We use it here as an acronym of Local Italian Transparent Language, i.e. of the Italian dialects that you can look through to discover whole ways of living, whole worlds.
Walking song
A perfect moment, balanced between the pleasure of travelling and the longing from home, walking under the sky of Cuba.
Via del ritorno
“The way home”. End of the journey, heding back home. A love song for the landscape of Emilia, moving and dull at the same time, and towards the women and men who, in the course of the centuries, have shaped it.