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Mescal is a label/management/booking that produces and follows through new musicians and valuable projects, that very often are underestimated or...

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Mescal is a label/management/booking that produces and follows through new musicians and valuable projects, that very often are underestimated or ignored by the official music industry in Italy, contributing to the production and promotion of real Italian contemporary music. Mescal does not specialize in one musical genre but crosses boundaries and estimates eclectic approaches to music and its artists have a first class treatment and are followed step by step.

Mescal started out its overall activities in 1993 and began producing records as a label in 1997. Since the beginning it has been fully involved in the management of the artists as well as the live section.

Regarding the management, bands with a record contract with Sony and Universal are followed closely through the processes of record production, promotional strategies, special events, publishing rights and research of sponsors or endorsment that do not damage the artists' image.

Mescal has offices in Milan, Bologna and Turin but the main office where live production, contracts and press office duties are carried out is located in Nizza, near Asti, a beautiful location on the hills and vineyards of Monferrato, in the region of Piedmont in Italy.

Mescal is also behind Italy's best itinerant festival "Tora!Tora!", a phenomenal tool of self promotion for the vibrant music scene of the peninsula. An on the road adventure that started out in 2001 kept tightly together by Afterhours' lead singer Manuel Agnelli, a communal experience of travelling from various cities to Italy's beautiful faraway locations, playing in front of an ever-growing audience of music enthusiasts of the national scene.

Mescal Libri is a recently born small publishing house that debuted with the self-obsessed tales of Subsonica's keyboard player Davide "Boosta" Dileo and a collection of photographs and diary notes of "Tora!Tora!" participating artists, whilst Mescal Video published a dvd/vhs of 'Pornodrome' that features Subsonica's frontman Samuel Romano and rocker Dan Solo from Marlene Kuntz, ‘Cielo Tangenziale Ovest’ live by Subsonica and the live DVD from Fiamma Fumana and the Mondine di Novi Choir titled ‘Di madre in figlia’ (‘From mother to daughter’).

Mescal is the brainchild of mister Valerio Soave.

Mescal's recording artists are:

Afterhours / Breakfast / Casa del Vento / Cesare Basile / Cristina Dona' / Diva Scarlet / Estra / Fiamma Fumana / Lombroso / Lotus / LucaMOR / Mambassa / Mao / Mau Mau / Megahertz / Morgan / N.A.M.B. / Marco Parente / Perturbazione / Yo Yo Mundi - Check out the press section of our website for a full discography!

Mescal worked with:

Andrea Ra / Stefano Belluzzi / Carmen Consoli / DVega / Fiamma / Francesco-C / Frontera / Garbo / La Crus / Ligabue / Massimo Volume / Modho / Puertorico / Skiantos / Soerba / Subsonica /Sushi / Caravane de Ville. Fratelli di Soledad Motel Connection

Beyond the live booking of the recording artists, Mescal also manages and does the live booking for:

Bluvertigo / Modena City Ramblers / Monovox / Morgan

Mescal did the live booking for:

The Gutter Twins (Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan) / Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius / Shandon / Songs With Other Strangers (special project featuring Cesare Basile, Manuel Agnelli, Marta Collica, Hugo Race, John Parish, Jean-Marc Butty and Stef Kamil Carlens) / Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Mescal is currently working on the “export” of its main artists abroad. The main projects at the moments are: Afterhours, Cristina Donà, Fiamma Fumana, Mau Mau and Modena City Ramblers.

Mescal Offices:

Head Office:

Piazza Garibaldi 2 – 14049 Nizza Monferrato

Tel. +39 0141 793496 – Fax +39 0141 793657


Mescal International:

- Via A. Panizzi, 13 – 20146 Milano

Tel./fax +39 02 474451

Roberta Accettulli e-mail – Mob. +39 335 316695

- Corso San Martino, 4 – 10122 Torino

Tel./fax +39 011 19719788

Elena Lattore - e-mail - Mob. + 39 335 7169141


Mescal Live

Via Zamboni 53/C – 40124 Bologna

Tel./fax +39 051 5878905 – Mob. +39 335 7269140

Italy – Alessandro Ceccarelli - e-mail – Mob. +39 335 7169140

International – Emanuele Roveri - e-mail – Mob. +39 335 5736656

participating in

  • WOMEX 2006
  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2004
  • WOMEX 2003
  • WOMEX 2001
  • WOMEX 2000


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