Divna Vocal Formation

Divna Vocal Formation
Divna Vocal Formation
Divna Bulgarian Vocal Formation


composed by G.Andreev
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Line up

  • Elka Simeonova ( soprano)
  • Galya Haralambieva (mezzo-soprano)
  • Milena Kondeva  (soprano)
  • Tanya Parvanova (alto)
  • Teodora Sokolova (alto)


DIVNA - means divine music, incomparable beauty, exalting experience. The ancient root of the world is related to the wild, strange, wonderful, and also to divine, inspiration, nature. This name excellently fits the music, performed by the folk group Divna - songs, coming from the depths of time, with archaic sound, but touched by composers who know the Bulgarian music traditions.


The vocal group Divna was created in 2005 in Sofia by five women-singers, born into different Bulgarian regions /Thrace, the Rhodopes, Northern Bulgaria/. Each one of them had her way in folk singing and acquired knowledge, experience, professional qualities of a musician. They were gathered by their joint work in one of the most prominent female folk choirs - the Bulgarian Voices - Angelite, with which they conquered the world stages. The soloist possibilities and vocal talent of the singers, led them to chamber music - each separate voice is like a perfect musical instrument in rich timbre diapason, from the highest to lowest register of female voices. The mission of the group is to present modern song art on folk basis in concert performances and recording in Bulgaria and abroad.


The performances of vocal group Divna reflects the various tendencies in the modern Bulgarian music - from the closeness to folk tradition to authors experiments, created on the memory or knowledge for it. Such music refers to past times, to cultural roots, and at the same time is necessary to the audience in the modern world. The admirers of old song folklore may enjoy original folk songs from different Bulgarian folklore regions - shope, thracian, rhodopean, northern. The modern listener expects and positively accepts the song works of Bulgarian composers, with his own approach to folk song - cultivation in many voices with beautiful polyphonic-harmonic play between voices, folk-jazz, songs in pop-orchestration. So, the folklore from the past transfers its emotional strength to the music of the present.


"Milo Libe" - Divna Vocal Formation