Flamboura Quartet

Flamboura Quartet
Flamboura Quartet


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  • country:Bulgaria
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Ethnic, Fusion
  • label:Messechina Music
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Messechina Music

Line up

  • Apostol Georgiev  (clarinet , gayda)
  • Genadii Rashkov (percussion – tupan , tarambukka, tambourine, etc.)
  • Veli Chaushev (guitar,tambura)
  • Velichka Chausheva (vocal , piano)


The band was created in 2010 by Veli Chaushev, Apostol Georgiev (clarinet) and his sister Velichka Chausheva (vocal), who are representatives of the small Sarakatsan (Karakachani) ethnic minority group. The Karakachani were nomadic shepherds in the past and speak a Greek dialect. They are Eastern Orthodox Christians and historical data shows they have inhabited the Balkan Peninsula for thousands of years. During Ottoman rule, the Karakachani traveled freely in the Balkan region but gradually started to settle in Greek and Bulgarian towns. They have successfully integrated in both Bulgarian and Greek communities but managed to preserve their traditional folklore. Every year they organize a Karakachani fair in the town of Samokov. The Karakachani sing mostly a cappella songs or accompanied by a shepherd's flute pipe. Flambura's song "Yorgo" sounds similar to this tradition. Velichka Chausheva is the author of the song. She is a graduate of the Musical Academy in Plovdiv and teaches in the Lubomir Pipkov National Music School in Sofia. Her husband Veli Chaushev plays the tambura (kind of a mandolin) and used to perform in the Bulgarian National Radio folklore orchestra.

In the language of the Karakachani, "flambura" means " a flag". Traditionally, the Karakachan flambura has a cross on it and the flag is always raised when there are celebrations and meetings of the community. "The word itself contains some magic and that is why we chose to call the band Flambura", Veli Chaushev explains. "Flambura performs Karakachani folklore songs and pieces that I have composed, he adds. We combine different styles and mix Bulgarian and Karakachan folklore with jazz music. I am glad that we have fans. I am a representative of the small Alian community a group living in Northeastern Bulgaria, who mix Muslim and Christian traditions. Our traditional songs are also very interesting, featuring Bulgarian folklore fragments and oriental music. We often invite guest musicians to the band. Our fourth member is drummer Genadi Rashkov, who also plays in the Philip Kutev national folklore ensemble."

Author: Albena Bezovska